Live Activities: What You Need to Know About this Valuable Engagement Tool

Wednesday, November 16 @ 12:00PM EST

30 mins

Join us for a conversation about Apple’s new Live Activities functionality that rolled out with the recent iOS 16.1 update in late October. There’s a lot of conversation about the new feature as well as some uncertainty, so we’ll help sort out the most important things to know.

Live activities dont lose users attention

About This Event

We’ll share what we know now about the compelling new capabilities, how apps and companies are thinking about this development, and how some have already rolled out Live Activities.

We’ll touch on what you might want to consider for your app, and how OneSignal is working to support Live Activities, as well as leave time for any questions you might have.

What You'll Learn

What are Apple's Live Activities?

Apple has shared some info but not everything we might want to know. What do we know now?

Does Your App Need Live Activities?

What are the primary industries, use cases and content for Live Activities?

Why Bother with Live Activities?

What’s the value prop? How can you better engage uses through Live Activities? Is it worth your time?

Meet Your Hosts

Ruby childs headshot

Ruby Childs

Principal Product Manager
Josh wetzel headshot

Josh Wetzel

Chief Revenue Officer