The State of Customer Messaging in 2023

As the world braces for the likelihood of another recession, many companies are feeling pressured to cut costs and maximize their ROI. Most are aware that they must adapt to survive, but figuring out exactly how to adapt can be tricky. Although marketing budgets are often the first to be scrutinized, this report examines how transforming your LTV: CAC ratio by shifting focus to user retention can drive growth and help your business thrive in leaner times.

The State of Customer Messaging in 2023

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Industry Insights

Learn what product leaders, marketers, and developers from different industries have to share about their biggest challenges and growth opportunities.

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Gain background insight to better evaluate your current paid acquisition and engagement strategy and figure out where to double-down to have the greatest impact.

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Find out how companies from different industries and verticals have pivoted their engagement strategy and achieved growth via retention.