The 2024 State of Customer Engagement Report

There are so many competing app statistics on the web that it can be challenging to figure out what to trust and what to ignore. Our annual State of Customer Engagement report is the ultimate handbook for contextualizing and revolutionizing your app performance in 2024, based on data from trillions of messages sent with OneSignal. See benchmarks for how you stack up to other apps like yours and what high-impact optimizations to make to move the needle.

The 2024 State of Customer Engagement Report

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What's Inside

Industry Benchmarks

Get a snapshot of key engagement statistics informed by 500k+ apps that use OneSignal. See how your app stacks up by comparing opt-in rates, session durations, and retention rates by category.

Meaningful Stats & Insights

Hundreds of users across different app categories, countries, and growth stages share what success looks like for them and how they've achieved it.

High-Value Optimizations

Discover what engagement tips and tricks are proven to have the greatest ROI so you can prioritize your time and maximize your resources in 2024.