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Performars are helping clients in marketing persona development, SEO, CRM technology implementation, Digital Marketing Center of Excellence, and related digital marketing consulting. Performars' business areas are comprised of Consulting&Training, Content&Growth, and Tech&Data. By operating Korean head office, Singapore subsidiary and other counties including China, Malaysia and Equador, Performars can support international digital marketing of our client. Their clients include such as Naver, Midas IT, SK, Panasonic, Cartier, Homeplus, Kumho Tire, Modusign, Medit as well as various small and medium-sized start-ups. In particular, we provide global marketing technology solutions, including Onesignal - the messaging platform, HubSpot - the global No. 1 CRM, Mixpanel - the product analysis solution, and SEMRUSH - the search engine marketing platform.