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The OneSignal Guest Creator Program supports our community management efforts by supplementing our in-house content production with freelance technical authors.

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Onesignal guest author program about

About the OneSignal Guest Author Program

The OneSignal Guest Creator Program engages with freelance content producers to secure additional content for the Content Roadmap. Often these are not code samples, but blog posts or videos.

Each month, a specific content roadmap item is produced by a Guest Creator. We will match selected content topics to program participants and negotiate scope, price, and delivery timeline.

Content Request Process

When an item of content is identified as needing fulfillment through the Guest Creator Program, candidate program members are offered, one at a time, the opportunity to produce the content in question. They are given a topic, content type (video, blog post), timeline, and rate.

Once these terms have been confirmed, the creator is encouraged to produce the content with support from our DevRel team. Following final review and edits, the creator is asked to email with an invoice and the payment is remitted via

Guest Author Benefits

Get Paid

Avg $350 per content

Build Your Porfolio

Grow your portfolio by creating exciting content for developors while getting paid


Public Recognition as a leader in the OneSignal Guest Author Program


Access to our content editors that help you by providing feedback to your content

Onesignal guest creator program application process

Application Process

We accept new applicants via a Google Form, who are evaluated before consideration for the program. Our selection process will aim to promote community growth by incentivizing influencers with partnership opportunities.

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