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OneSignal Growth Plan

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Convert messaging into engagement

Convert Messaging into Engagement

Designed for companies that are building out their messaging capabilities, the OneSignal Growth Plan empowers you to effectively communicate with your customers. Industry-leading delivery speeds and powerful features provide a superior messaging experience.

Advanced Features to Drive Growth

Access an expanded version of the OneSignal platform to optimize your personalization and automation. Unlock custom data uploads, robust analytics, advanced in-app messaging, and tailor when to send based on the user. Gain more control over your messaging across, whether it’s through push, in-app, email, and SMS.

The OneSignal Growth Plan

Key Features

  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Extra Personalization Capabilities
  • Advanced In-App Messaging
  • List Uploads
  • Confirmed Delivery
  • GDPR Compliant + DPA
  • Timezone Delivery
  • Category Opt-in Prompting
  • Time-Delayed Sends
  • Custom Data Uploads

Flexibility and Affordability to Suit Your Needs

With pricing that fits your budget, the OneSignal Growth Plan starts at $9 per month plus $3 per 1,000 subscribers/in-app impressions. Your account is month-to-month, and you can easily change your plan at any time without penalty from your dashboard. If you are interested in volume-based pricing, contact our Sales team.

Ashutosh Kumar
We have a huge user base and our content goes viral in various countries from time to time. OneSignal is really enabling us to expand our reach and convert users during these high-traffic events.

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