Transforming Your LTV:CAC Ratio Through Retention

Wednesday, June 07 @ 10:00AM PDT

Join OneSignal’s EMEA Lead, Megan Patrylak, for an informative presentation about why mobile apps must shift focus from acquiring new customers to retaining current users. This webinar will explore the critical role that customer retention plays, especially during challenging economic times, and the positive impact that improved customer retention can have on user lifetime value.

This session will explore:

Strategies to improve profit in the face of rising CAC

Increasing customer retention rates by as little as 5% can increase overall profits by 25% to 95%.

Why an omnichannel approach matters

Provide a consistent experience within the app, after a user has exited, or is using a different device.

How to leverage push notifications and other messaging channels

Execute re-engagement campaigns, optimize onboarding, and educate users to improve feature adoption.

Meet Your Host


Megan Patrylak

Senior Director of Sales for EMEA, OneSignal