OneSignal Surge Chicago: Drinks, Bites & Industry Insights

Thursday, November 02 @ 2:30PM CDT

Convene, 311 West Monroe Street, 2nd floor, Chicago

Head out of work a little early on November 2nd and join us for an afternoon of customer engagement insights, networking, and drinks. OneSignal CRO Josh Wetzel will discuss how better user retention can unlock significant revenue growth, followed by a panel discussion featuring RevenueCat and others discussing how to combine transactional and marketing messages to drive revenue.

Event onesignal surge chicago convene w monroe st

What to Expect

Customer Retention Insights - Findings from our 2023 State of Customer Messaging report and customer retention panel discussion.

Open Bar & Bites - We know that’s (part) of why you’re coming. We won’t disappoint!

Networking - Connect with other local mobile industry professionals.

Maximizing Your ROI: The Power of Customer Retention in Uncertain Times

In today's challenging economic landscape, businesses are under tremendous pressure to cut costs and maximize their return on investment (ROI). With the recent downturn, companies have scaled back marketing and product expenditures. However, a paradigm shift is underway, highlighting customer retention and engagement as crucial strategies to navigate uncertain times.

Today, the average brand spends 222 percent more to acquire a single customer than a decade earlier, yet most apps have a 10-day retention rate of less than 10 percent. Although most companies spend more on user acquisition than retention, loyal customers cost less to serve, spend more with companies they trust, and are less likely to make a switch during a downturn. Learn how successful apps have increased their user lifetime value (LTV) to CAC ratio in uncertain economic times by focusing on user retention, loyalty, and engagement alongside acquisition.

Meet Your Host

Leadership josh wetzel

Josh Wetzel

Chief Revenue Officer, OneSignal

Josh is a passionate go-to-market leader with a twenty-year track record of driving product adoption and rapid revenue growth across SaaS, e-commerce, and digital media businesses. He has led multiple startups from pre-revenue to more than $100M gross annual revenue and has contributed as leader/executive to $4+ billion in equity creation for founders, investors, and employees overseeing 4 successful exits. Josh is currently the Chief Revenue Officer at OneSignal, the most widely used customer messaging & engagement solution, helping 1M+ businesses deliver 12B+ messages daily.