Customer Messaging: 2022 Trends and Insights

Wednesday, May 11 @ 11:00AM PDT

30 Minutes

Join OneSignal Chief Revenue Officer Josh Wetzel as he unveils trends within customer engagement that emerged in 2021 and how businesses can leverage these opportunities for growth in 2022.

What You'll Learn

Identify Growth Opportunities

Adding automated personalization can have an astronomical impact on app engagement and ROI. Start with what's easy and possible now and build out your strategy as you grow.

Enhance Your Customer Experience

In addition to reviewing CRM and messaging analytics, A/B testing features can help you explore customer preferences in different contexts, understand user expectations, and translate your learnings into real-time gains.

Contextualize Your Messaging Performance

Although it’s easy to track changes in your own messaging performance, it can be difficult to know what’s truly “good”. Messaging performance stats from annual industry reports can tell you if you’re killing it or have room for growth in different areas.

Keep Tabs on Industry Trends

One invaluable way to use customer engagement statistics is to stay current with industry trends. Qualitative statistics based on business sentiment and goals can speak volumes about how companies are thinking about their engagement strategy and how you’ll need to evolve to keep pace.