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Want to optimize and expand your customer communication strategy this year? Our upcoming webinars cover topics such as: reducing over-messaging, leveraging advanced data integrations, honing user segmentation, improving message personalization, building an SMS strategy, e-commerce best practices, using our Mixpanel integration, and more. Find out what's on the horizon and save your spot today!

1. Connected eCommerce Campaigns Need Connected Data: Web Push Notifications and SmartHub CDP

Wednesday, April 14 at 9am PT (12pm ET)

Hosts: Brian Starr (OneSignal Enterprise Sales Engineer) & Ryan King (Blueshift Director of Demand Generation)

Marketers are facing more competition than ever for customer attention — consumers receive as many as 60 messages each day. How is a marketer to break through? Personalization. Leading marketers in e-commerce are using data to personalize the customer experience and create relevant omni-channel journeys that drive revenue.

In this webinar, we'll delve into the ways that connected data and push notifications can improve your omni-channel customer shopping experience, including:

  • The impact of push notifications as a marketing channel.
  • How to incorporate push notifications into your omni-channel customer journey.
  • Why push notifications and your data platform should be as tight-knit as possible.

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2. How to Improve Your Messaging Strategy With OneSignal SMS

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 10am PT (1pm ET)

Host: Sandeep Niwas, OneSignal Product Manager

SMS text messaging has the highest open and engagement rates among marketing channels, with a read rate of 97 percent within 15 minutes of delivery. OneSignal’s new SMS tool is helping users tap into this critical marketing channel to round out their messaging strategy.

OneSignal Product Manager Sandeep Niwas will take you through our SMS API and SDK updates and functionality. He’ll also introduce you to OneSignal’s SMS tool and discuss best practices for adding SMS to your messaging portfolio.

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3. How Mobile Startups Can Accelerate Growth Through Automated Messaging and Analytics

Tuesday, April 20th 9:00 am PDT (12pm ET)

Join Mixpanel and OneSignal to learn about the value and ROI of a connected messaging and analytics strategy. We’ll demo the new bi-directional OneSignal and Mixpanel integration and walk through how our customers bring together engagement data from OneSignal with their in-app product data via Mixpanel to better inform their growth strategy.

Let us buy you lunch! As a thank you for joining the OneSignal and Mixpanel webinar, we’ll send each attendee a $20 Uber Eats credit.

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4. The Challenge of Over-Messaging: Tips to Manage your Sends

Wednesday, May 12 at 10am PT (1pm ET)

Host: Eva Wei, OneSignal Sr. Product Marketing Manager

At OneSignal we pride ourselves on the speed and scale of our message deliverability, but we also know that more and faster isn’t always better. Over-messaging subscribers is never a good idea and for some sites or apps, too much traffic driven from notifications at one time can be a serious problem.

Senior Product Marketing Manager Eva Wei will share strategies to increase customization and utilize frequency capping to avoid over-messaging users, and share some of our latest product improvements to give our users control over message volume throttling.

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5. How to Use OneSignal Data & Analytics to Improve Your Messaging Strategy

Wednesday, June 2 at 10am PT (1pm ET)

Host: Sasha Reagan, OneSignal Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Data has become central to creating effective messaging strategies and developing customer experiences that stand out. However, businesses often find themselves struggling to deduce relevant and actionable insights from the data they collect.

Enterprise Customer Success Manager Sasha Reagan will share how OneSignal's data and analytics tools can enable you to make better business decisions and optimize your customer messaging strategy.

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6. Integrate Push Notifications with Your Webflow Project

Wednesday, June 23 at 10am PT (1pm ET)

Host: Patricio Vargas, OneSignal Senior Developer Advocate

Webflow is a no-code platform for web design and development that lets anyone build beautiful webpages without breaking a sweat. But what if you need a simple and effective way to engage your visitors?  

In this webinar, Senior Developer Advocate Patricio Vargas will show you how to take your Webflow site to the next level by adding push notifications through OneSignal.

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Other webinar topics this spring (details coming soon!):

  • How to use OneSignal Data & Analytics to improve your messaging strategy
  • Improving your customer journey through the OneSignal + Hubspot integration
  • Better message segmentation through the OneSignal + AppsFlyer integration

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