OneSignal now integrates with! We’re excited to announce that users of the two products can now take advantage of’s native app creation platform to scale mobile push notifications without any lines of code.

What is GoNative? is an industry-leading mobile solution that takes existing mobile-friendly websites or web applications and converts them to native mobile apps for Android and iOS. leverages a company’s existing web stack to serve and layout page content, while seamlessly integrating native features to achieve a user experience that feels the way native should. Website updates automatically flow through to the apps, so there’s no need to maintain Android & iOS source code at all. Plus there are no app templates – the original website and branding shine through for a custom, branded experience.

How we work together

With the new OneSignal and integration, users can easily spin up a notification program to better engage and retain their app users through mobile push notifications and In-App Messages. Integration users will have access to all of the features available through their OneSignal account, including user segmentation, personalization and much more. A few of the ways users can take advantage of OneSignal notifications:

  • Request push and location permissions for an app without making any code changes
  • Apply Data Tags to users with attributes like types of messages they want to receive, content categories, subscription status and other user preferences
  • Send notifications directly to users or to specific Segments of users based on these Data Tags to better target messages and increase click-through rates
  • Automatically trigger welcome sequences, re-engage inactive users, send abandoned cart messages and more
  • Deliver one-time or recurring In-App Messages to app downloader, including up to 10 screens of carousel images (available on any paid plan) to improve user experience and conversion
  • And much more!

“OneSignal’s feature-rich platform enables GoNative’s customers to send personalized, contextual push notifications and in-app messages across a wide range of industries and mobile application types,” said John Snyder, Co-Founder and CEO. “Our customers, from start-up companies to the Fortune 500, have been impressed with OneSignal’s continuing innovation, while always providing a reliable, enterprise-grade solution.”

How to get started

The integration is available to users and all OneSignal subscribers. To get get going with the integration:

  1. Create a free OneSignal account or select a plan with more advanced functionality.
  2. Check out the Getting Started Guide to get set up on that platform.
  3. Once your app is ready to go, follow the simple steps to integrate with OneSignal. requires just your OneSignal App Id in order to configure OneSignal to work within your app. (You can find this on your OneSignal dashboard under App Settings -> Keys & IDs.)

After that, you can start sending In-App messages to your users and building a mobile subscriber base for personalized push notifications.

Questions? Check out our documentation or reach out if we can do anything to help.